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As a small niche brand, it can be quite intimidating to put myself out there for the world to see. As a fan of quaint, specialized brands, it can be challenging to find the brands I’d like to support all under one roof. And so I set up an intimate, cozy pop-up at the Suez & Zapote gallery with some of the ladies/makers/thinkers/doers I am so inspired by. I also love the fact that I know these ladies and their brands attract people with the same energies–imagine that, all of vibrating to the same frequencies in a nice little space!


I hope to see you there!






So Feanne and I joined a couple of bazaars last month: the Row 101 pop-up at Top Shelf (Fully Booked at The Fort), and The Spectrum Fair. It was so nice meeting other makers, and most definitely meeting people who appreciated the work (not to mention, the love!) we put in our products.  Having said that, selling at bazaars is hard work–I don’t know how other brands do this on a weekly basis! I must learn a thing or two from them.

New muses

DSCF5264Meet our new oil perfumes influenced by new muses: Mermaid & Gypsy.

DSCF5283Inspired by free-spirited women of the sea, Mermaid is a blend of grapefruit, neroli, lavender and patchouli infused with lavender buds and leaves.

DSCF5299Gypsy is for those who love to daydream. Rose petals are infused in this blend of rose, vanilla and cedar.

As always, everything is hand-blended in our little home studio. We only used essential oils diluted in jojoba oil and vitamin e oil for this one. Cruelty-free and full of love.

The Weekend

DSCF4927 DSCF5084We are happy to announce that we will be releasing our new candle line very very soon! Our candle duo is a tribute to the weekend–the two days of the week most people look forward to.

DSCF5167Ladies and gents, the Saturday and Sunday candles.

The Saturday candle is almost relaxed but is hindered by some excitement because like most Saturdays, there’s always something fun/new to do.  Neroli and Basil essential oils in this candle keeps up with most people’s Saturday good moods.

DSCF5181 DSCF5185

The Sunday candle is quiet, subdued and definitely relaxed. Lavender and Patchouli essential oils are behind this calm and clean-smelling candle.

All of these candles are hand-poured by me here in our little home studio. They are soy wax candles with wooden wicks, and I use essential oils (as opposed to fragrance oils) to scent them.

We will be releasing them with love to the world soon, in a couple of bazaars and in some stores we love so much. Hope  you get some!

The new chandler discovers wabi sabi.

For weeks I’ve been restless, imagining scents in my head– fully aware, of course, that I need my nose to affirm these olfactive daydreams.  But that’s the thing I love so much about creating scents: I can make whole new worlds, spaces, times in a way rather similar yet entirely different to the way I do when I draw or paint.  I love being transported far away, even if it’s just in my mind.

But anyway, like I said, I’ve been restless–transitioning from hand-blending oil perfumes to hand-pouring candles. Or maybe I should say “attempting to add candles into the Radioactive Mushrooms repertoire”.  I’ve been trying to come up with new recipes for these new places, new scenarios in my head. I’ve come to realize that there are scents you want to wear, scents you want to embody you, everywhere you go…and then there are scents that you want parked in a certain space in your life, for meditation, for contemplation, for remembering.

In creating perfumes I could be as complicated as I wanted to be,  blending and celebrating each and every nuance of the natural oils. (Although I know that over complicating things creates yet other risks.)  As complicated as I choose to be in perfumes, I know that it won’t physically be a challenge to the perfume.  The perfume will still hold up. In creating scents for candles I am more challenged to limit my selections by variables such as different melting points of waxes and oils. I am challenged to create real and imagined memories in the most succinct way I can.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.40.57 AM